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Getting started

"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.




Raising the Town since 1988. © Little Pilgrims Preschool & Enrichment Program, Oakland, California

Preschool - Our Preschool classrooms are broken up by age group, 2 year olds,

3 Year olds, and 4 year olds.


Our 2 year old class covers:

Numbers, the Alphabet, days of the week, colors, memory games, motor skills, art, animals and sounds.


Our 3 year old class:

Covers all 2 year old activities, but brings takes these ideas further. The 3 year olds are a bit more advanced. Counting objects, letter writing, memorization, and more!


Our 4 year old class:

Our 4 year old class focuses on getting children ready to go into Kindergarten. By the end of this class, our children know: simple addition, the complete alphabet, colors, name writing, a lot about animals & insects, planet names, the days of the week, weather, and much more.


School-age is a completely different part of our center. They have their own separate play yard and classroom. The school-age children are tutored during the school year on what is going on in their class. We cover it all, and most likely, by the time your child returns home, their homework will be done, so that you can just enjoy them. During our Summer program, your child will learn first-hand, about many things. Every Summer, we go on educational, weekly field-trips. Let us know if your child needs special attention in a particular subject, we are more than happy to help and encourage.